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Anne Isaksson

Anne Isaksson, 2D/3D Artist

My name is Anne Isaksson, an artist living in Stockholm, Sweden. In 2017 I achieved a bachelor's degree in 3D graphics from the LuleƄ University of Technology. I am now studying 2D game art at Future Games, Stockholm.

Since earning my degree I have worked on and off in the 3D industry (Important Looking Pirates, Swiss and Goodbye Kansas), and have actively worked as a freelance 2D artist for Staff in Motion and the Twitch streamer Scratticus Academy. I am currently the principal artist for an untitled roleplaying adventure book.

Get in touch

I'm currently seeking fulltime employment as a concept artist, illustrator, UI artist or animator. So if you're in need of a talented artist, have any questions, or just want to want to chat over coffee, do not hesitate to contact me.

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